How To Be A Digital Revolutionary – E-Book with USB Bracelet - by Violet Blue

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A wristband that teaches you how to use technology for activism! Our black RESIST bracelet has a hidden USB storage drive (64MB) and comes loaded with a copy of the ultimate guide to modern tech-resistance, How to Be A Digital Revolutionary. Use the wristband to store and trade files; the book suggests what to load it with, like emergency contacts, your lawyer's phone number, ACLU "know your rights" guides, maps of a march or protest route, and much more. Use it in conjunction with one of the book's Adafruit projects, such as the Digital Free Library, or your DIY "open source" protest sign.

How to be a Digital Revolutionary is the book we've nicknamed "the techno-resistance cookbook."

About the book:

How To Be A Digital Revolutionary is woven from clear explainers about murky topics like surveillance and censorship, hands-on strategies to dial back news overwhelm and rage fatigue, first-person accounts in hacking, practical safety advice for protests, and gritty reporting on rights abuses in the digital realm.

Here, you'll learn to identify and minimize your surveillance footprint, about anonymity and making separate identities, how to buy or make a burner phone, and to hack-proof your life. Make your phone less of a tracking device, and keep your communication both secure and private. Find out which documents to keep with you at marches, and how to stay safe if a protest gets violent. Discover ways to support your cause when you can't be there in person.

Find groups to join and protect your groups from people who try to undermine your activism. Make a digital protest sign that makes emergency calls if it gets confiscated, choose or make a body camera, and learn how to record, photo, and share under stress. Fight filters and blocks, and defy being censored on social media. Find out how to "leak" with tools like SecureDrop, and how to create posts and memes that get your message out!

How To Be A Digital Revolutionary offers a powerful new handbook for beginners and advanced-hackers to protect yourself while exercising your 1st amendment rights!

Ms. Violet Blue (@violetblue on Twitter) is a freelance investigative journalist on hacking and cybercrime, as well as a noted columnist and award-winning author. Ms. Blue and her books have appeared on CNN and The Oprah Winfrey Show, among others, and she has been interviewed, quoted, and featured in a variety of outlets including BBC, The New York Times, Guardian, Motherboard, and The Wall Street Journal.

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