Pimoroni Mood Light - Pi Zero WH Project Kit - V2

Product ID: 3478


Discontinued - you can grab Pimoroni Unicorn HAT Mini for Raspberry Pi - PIM498 instead! 

Our Pimoroni pals have curated a beautifully modern Mood Light Kit that'll look great on your bedside table, bookcase, or desk. It's even internet-connected!

This kit has just-about-everything you'll need: Pimoroni's  Unicorn pHAT board with 119 programmable RGB Neopixel LEDs, diffuser, power adapter, and a beautifully acrylic enclosure to make it look like a lamps. It even includes a Pi Zero WH. All you need is to  add your own micro-SD card and USB power supply. It'll take you around 30 minutes to assemble everything (check out Pimoroni's assembly guide for details). With this new version, no soldering is required!

Set it to a single color, have it fade through all the colors of the rainbow, or harness the built-in wireless LAN on the Pi Zero WH.

Kit includes:

  • Pi Zero WH - no soldering required!
  • Unicorn HAT Mini with 119 programmable RGB LEDs
  • White and yellow pendant light stand and diffuser
  • 50cm USB A to micro-B cable
  • USB A (female) to USB OTG adapter
  • Mini to full-size HDMI adapter
  • Sticker sheet (personalize your Mood Light!)
  • Comes in a reusable kit box

Mood Light uses the popular Unicorn HAT Mini board, with 119 programmable RGB Neopixel LEDs, giving you a veritable rainbow full of color possibilities. The stand cleverly mounts the Pi Zero WH and Unicorn HAT at just the right angle to cast the light through the pendant light cutout and diffuse it beautifully.

The built-in wireless LAN on the Pi Zero WH opens up a wealth of opportunities: connect it to your Twitter feed and track the mood of your recent tweets, or fade through the sunset and sunrise colors once you've pulled the daily sunset/sunrise times from your favorite weather server.


  • 17x7 matrix of programmable RGB LEDs
  • 3-layer white and yellow pendant light stand and diffuser
  • Pi Zero WH with single core CPU and built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth
  • Adapter kit
  • 50cm USB A to micro-B cable (power your Pi from an existing charger or computer)
  • Python library

Technical Details

Assembled size of Mood Light is 85x125x70mm (WxHxD).

Revision History:

  • As of January 29, 2021 we're now stocking the revision 2 of this kit which has swapped the Unicorn pHAT for the Unicorn HAT Mini and has a TON more LEDs! The software library to control the HAT has changed so please see below for new software. The kit also now comes completely soldered 'plug and play' - so no soldering is required.


  • Pimoroni put together Python library for Unicorn HAT Mini that makes it simple to control individual LED's colour and brightness, display images or test, make games, and more. There's some really fun examples of how to use the buttons for games, with Simon Says and a fun little Columns-type game with coloured, falling blocks.
  • If you have a Unicorn HAT Mini you won't be able to use the old Unicorn pHAT library - please make sure you're using the one linked above!