AdaBot LunchBox

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Your eyes do not deceive you – this is absolutely an AdaBot lunchbox! Whether you're sporting this at school, work, Maker Faire, or jury duty, this beautiful, shiny blue lunchbox is guaranteed to turn some heads.

Fill it up with your favorite edible goodies – heck, fill it with your favorite electronic goodies if you want. From bananas to breadboards, jumper wires to jelly beans, and resistors to rugelach, pack this vivacious vessel with all the things you love.

We even sell this fine lunchbox with stuff already in it, as part of our Circuit Playground Express Advanced Pack - but this one is empty.

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Technical Details

Product Dimensions: 195.0mm x 155.0mm x 70.0mm / 7.7" x 6.1" x 2.8"

Product Weight: 254.0g / 9.0oz


Make glowy slime for fun projects!
Your project works! Time to tuck it into a nice enclosure and create a front panel for all those knobs and lights.
A customizable music box that starts playing when opened
Learn about Quartz with Adabot!
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