Raspberry Pi Zero W Basic Pack - Includes Pi Zero W

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Remember those cereal commercials that would always say, "part of a complete breakfast"? Well the Pi Zero's a lot like that bowl of cereal - while it's great on its own, you need a lot of accessories to make it a complete meal.

The Pi Zero W Basic Pack is the barest of essentials that you'll need to get going with your WiFi-enabled Pi Zero W and make it a complete meal.

This pack includes:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W - the type of low cost game-changing product Raspberry Pi's known for - the super light, super lean microcomputer we've come to know and love, but now with built-in WiFi!
  • Adafruit Pi Zero Enclosure - Adafruit's classic, sturdy plastic enclosure. Keeps your Pi Zero safe and sleek.
  • 16GB microSD Card with NOOBS 3.1 - the fastest way to have a variety of operating systems on your Pi

Note: Due to popular demand, there might be some delay in shipping products containing Pi Zero W!

We also strongly recommend some other parts and pieces to make your Pi Zero computing experience easier (THESE ARE NOT INCLUDED!)

We also have a ton of awesome, Raspberry Pi Zero-shaped add-ones (sometimes referred to as 'pHATs' or 'bonnets') - they can add anything from an eInk display, to colorful LEDs, and more!


Technical Details

Revision History:

  • As of February 13, 2020, this pack now contains a 16GB SD Card with NOOBS 3.1 instead of an 8GB SD Card
RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant
RoHS 2 2015 863 EU Compliant


The cutest little gaming helper ever
Give your Pi Zero, Zero W, or Zero 2 W the spark of new life.
Zap away ads using an ad-blocking custom DNS mini server
Avoid SD card corruption when powering off
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