Keyboard with Blue-type Mechanical Switches and LED Backlights - 87-Key

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If this keyboard doesn't catch your eye, we don't know what will! It's cool, it's colorful, and it's clicky in the best way, and it'll make you feel like you're operating some kind of retro-futuristic typewriter. It's the Keyboard with Blue-type Mechanical Switches and LED Backlights! With 87 keys and rows that are backlit by LEDs, you'll be hacking, coding and gaming with unparalleled style. The six rows from the top down light up red, white, green, blue, orange, and purple–but it doesn't stop there!

    There are six built-in LED backlight modes (and even more sub-modes!) that'll keep you mesmerized for hours on end:

    • Traveling mode; the light travels around the keyboard one key by one key, ending at the "O" key and repeating.
    • Breathing LED backlight mode; the brightness of the backlight cycles from off to its brightest setting.
    • Spreading mode; the backlight defaults OFF, but each key you press will release a ripple of LEDs around it.
    • Lights ON mode; all 6 colors of LED backlight are always ON.
    • Gaming mode; ASDW, ESC, and arrow keys are the only keys lit; there are also 5 sub-modes within this mode.
    • The keys which you press will light ON for a few seconds, and recline gradually (this is our favorite).


    • Mechanical "blue-type" (tactile click) switches, similar performance and feeling to the Cherry MX Blue
    • Compatible with Cherry MX style keycaps
    • USB full speed 2.0; supports 1000 Hz real report rate
    • Full keyboard anti-ghosting (all keys have response)
    • Double injection keycaps with translucent legends
    • Aluminum plate
    • Compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS X, and many other systems - pretty much anything that has a USB keyboard port!
    • Multiple pre-set LED backlight modes
    • Adjustable feet for different angles

    While it's not as small as our Miniature Microcontroller-Friendly Keyboard, this keyboard will work great with a PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi or Beagle Bone. And damn if it isn't better looking!

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    Technical Details

    Product Dimensions: 359.0mm x 130.0mm x 37.0mm / 14.1" x 5.1" x 1.5"

    Product Weight: 713.5g / 25.2oz