Hobby Creek Magnetic Helper Hand

Product ID: 3373


Have you ever needed a hand in tight spaces? How about two hands? Well, it looks like we've got to give yet another 'hand' to the folks at Hobby Creek because this Mag Helper Hand provides just that! It's a fine addition to their family of Hands.

This Mag Helper features a neodymium magnetic base and a Y-connector to support two arms to help you in the tightest of situations. The clips can swivel 360 degrees and are covered in heat resistant silicone to prevent melting or marring while you work.

This works extremely well on any ferrous surface (e.g. something a magnet can stick to). Works both in vertical or horizontal orientations!

It features:

  • Two swiveling clips with silicone covers
  • Neodymium magnetic base
  • Full articulation in all directions


Technical Details

  • Base Diameter: 32mm / 1.26"
  • Base Thickness: 24mm / 0.95"
  • Arm Diameter: 15.9mm / 0.63"
  • Arm Length (from Y-connector, including clip): ~295mm / ~11.5"
  • Weight: 204.5g

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