Black Nylon Screw and Stand-off Set – M2.5 Thread

  • Description


    Totaling 380 pieces, this M2.5 Screw Set is a must-have for your workstation. You'll have enough screws, nuts, and hex standoffs to fuel your maker tendencies for days on end! M2.5 size screws fit almost all of the Adafruit breakout/dev board mounting holes (2.5mm or 0.1" drill holes). Works great with Feathers, Adafruit breakout boards, Pi HATs and plates, and more! Since they are nylon you can file them down easily, and they don't conduct electricity or interfere with antennas/magetometers.

    This set even comes in always-fashionable Adafruit black.

    Set contains the following black nylon pieces in a nice reusable storage container

    • 80 x M2.5 Hex Nut
    • 80 x M2.5 x 4mm Screw
    • 80 x M2.5 x 6mm Screw
    • 40 x M2.5 x 10mm Screw
    • 20 x 6mm long F-F hex standoff
    • 20 x 8mm long F-F hex standoff
    • 20 x 10mm long F-F hex standoff
    • 10 x 12mm long F-F hex standoff
    • 20 x 6mm long M-F hex standoff
    • 10 x 12mm long M-F hex standoff

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