Infinity Shred's Datadealer Synth Kit

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Datadealer is a functionally identical clone of the Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 - a hybrid analog / digital synthesizer that’s as powerful as it is versatile. This thoughtfully curated kit uses the SMR4MKII style filter and includes all of the components needed to assemble a functioning synthesizer, a lasercut matte black case with iridescent top plate, a set of black Chroma Caps with a glow in the dark encoder cap, and chips pre-loaded with sounds designed and used by Infinity Shred in creating Long Distance. 

Using only through-hole components makes assembly a breeze but intermediate soldering experience is highly recommended due to the high volume of parts. Datadealer features a built in sequencer but external control via MIDI is recommended for the best experience.

From it’s bells and formant vocal waves that make it reminiscent of Ensoniq’s ESQ-1 to it’s simple saws, squares and triangles that effectively mimic 8-bit hardware such as the Commodore 64, Datadealer’s two digital oscillators offer a diverse array of wave shapes that will never leave you feeling limited to a single sound palette. Fans of Roland’s Juno-106 will find the filter’s warmth and smoothness pleasantly familiar with the added bonus of being able to process external audio sources through the filter via an audio input jack.

Though this synth is functionally identical to the Shruthi-1, Mutable Instruments no longer offers support or troubleshooting assistance for this item. To honor their decision to move away from this product we urge you to take extra care when following assembly instructions and direct all support requests directly to Infinity Shred via [email protected]. Datadealer is released under a cc-by-sa license that allows anyone with the files to reproduce the synth themselves as long as the same license is upheld. Files are available for download here.


Technical Details

Assembly Tutorial

Product Dimensions (assembled): 135.0mm x 98.0mm x 64.0mm / 5.3" x 3.9" x 2.5"

Product Weight (assembled): 327.5g / 11.6oz


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