Pi Powered Times Square Traveler Pack

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Some people might want to make the trek to NYC. But for those who want to skip out on the crowds and the cold, why not bring a little bit of the Big Apple into your home with this Times Square Traveler Pack?

These screens are the very same that line the billboards of NYC. With Adafruit’s best selling RGB Matrix HAT, anyone can take a shot at creating a beautiful scrolling display to rival those found in Times Square.

The included Matrix HAT is our finest to date, full of some really great circuitry. Let's break it down:

  • Simple design - plug in power, plug in IDC cable, run our Python code!
  • Power protection circuitry - you can plug a 5V 4A wall adapter into the HAT and it will automatically protect against negative, over or under-voltages! Yay for no accidental destruction of your setup.
  • Onboard level shifters to convert the RasPi's 3.3V to 5.0V logic for clean and glitch free matrix driving
  • DS1307 Real Time Clock can keep track of time for the Pi even when it is rebooted or powered down, to make for really nice time displays

Kit includes:

This product does not come with a Raspberry Pi 3.  For a limited time, Arrow is including Pi 3s in these packs if you're looking for a version that contains a Pi.

Some soldering is required to assemble the RGB Matrix HAT - make sure you have a soldering iron and solder so you can attach the headers onto it!

Check out our RGB Matrix HAT learn guide for help getting started!

Made in collaboration with Arrow Electronics!

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Control RGB LED panels from a Web application using Raspberry Pi.

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