BooSTick - AA Voltage Booster

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Are you tired of having to accommodate inconvenient power supplies and compromise the mobility and customization of your project? The BooSTick from Rover Development might be just the thing you need! This tiny board allows you to bring the power to your project, and not the other way around. Bring your micro to the sensor without running wires! A single AA battery is used to provide breadboard power of 5V or 3.3V (or other voltages by tuning the feedback resistors), and a boost regulator provides the voltage.

BooSTick provides extremely small and convenient portable regulated power to Arduino, wearables, DIY, and other projects. The entire package is about the size of a single AA and can drive Arduino projects for many hours at a time. When the battery is used up, pop another in for continued use -- or better yet, use NiMH rechargeable batteries to reduce your carbon footprint!

Since it plugs right into your breadboard, it's great for prototype power and testing. BooSTick also plugs right into some Arduino boards and provides power in a footprint smaller than a standard shield. At 200 mA output, it can handle many microcontroller or analog projects!

Comes fully assembled, AA battery is not included

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Technical Details

Voltage outputs:

  • 3.3 V (with jumper installed)
  • Pull the jumper for a full 5V supply! (included)
  • Other voltages between 1.8 V and 5.5 V are achievable by tuning the feedback resistors. Specify different voltage if desired.

Current limit (with new batteries - this is intended to be a peak current or a pulsed current. A new battery will only last about 20 minutes at these levels before the output voltage drops more than 10%):

  • 5V: 220 mA
  • 3.3V: 320 mA
  • Valid for both Alkaline and NiMH

Run time:

  • 5V, 50 mA: 6 hrs
  • 3.3V, 50 mA: 12 hrs
  • Valid for both Alkaline and NiMH
  • Lower current/voltage generally leads to proportionally longer run time or more


  • Green power on LED
  • Red low battery LED

Product Dimensions: 60.0mm x 25.0mm x 20.0mm / 2.4" x 1.0" x 0.8"

Product Weight: 8.7g / 0.3oz

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