Kano Screen Kit

  • Description-


    Are you interested in understanding how a screen works? Here's a great way to learn by making one of your very own!

    The Kano Screen Kit is a portable, playful HD display that you build yourself. It’s a new make-it-yourself moment, to demystify the display, and take Kano portable. A creative way to learn for kids and big kids, the Screen Kit has a unique modular design. It's also perfect if you're just looking to complete your Computer Kit. No prior knowledge is needed, and the Kano Book -- a step-by-step storybook -- is provided to help guide you.

    Kit includes:

    • 1280 x 800, 720p, 10.1" LCD screen
    • Stand
    • Button board + wafer cable
    • Magnifying glass
    • HDMI cable
    • Power cable (mini-USB Y-splitter)
    • Storybook
    • Stickers

    Some children between 6-8 years old may require parental supervision when reading the Kano Book and assembling the Screen Kit components. Children 8 years and older are proven to be quite self sufficient on their Kano!


  • Technical Details+

    Technical Details


    • 10.1" LCD HDMI Screen
    • 1280 x 800, 720p (scales to 1080p) 150 PPI


    • HDMI Compatible with any device at home

    Screen Dimensions (assembled): 260mm x 180mm x 30mm / 10.25" x 7" x 1.1"

    Screen Weight (assembled): 665g / 1.466 lbs

    Includes lifetime care via help.kano.me