Arrow Presents: Advanced Internet of Things Pack - Back to School with LadyAda

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So maybe it's not "back to school" season any more - but here at Adafruit, we like to think that it's always a good time to learn something new, which we guess means that everywhere we go is a proverbial school that we're perpetually going back to. 

To celebrate the continual season, we partnered with our good friends at Arrow Electronics to release custom packs of goodies called Arrow Presents: Back to School with LadyAda.  This pack's designed for more advanced users.

For the student who's leveled up on Arduino and soldering and is ready to take on more! This pack contains everything you need to get started in the world of the 'Internet of Things.' Centered around the Feather HUZZAH - our flagship IoT board based on the ESP8266 WiFi-enabled chip - this pack contains sensors, components, servos, and more.