Othermill Precision Fixturing and Toe Clamp Set

Product ID: 3080


This Precision Fixturing and Toe Clamp Set turns your Othermill into a production tool! It ensures rigid and consistent work-holding without the use of tape or glue. You can easily fixture and remove materials with a simple turn of the hex key.

The aluminum-made tall alignment bracket is precision-machined and bolts directly into Othermill's T-slot bed. The toe clamps slide into the T-slots and are tightened with the hex keys to clamp your material.

Check out this guide from Other Machine Co for more details on how to use

Here's why you may want to use a clamp set:

  • Consistent and repeatable results.
  • Machine parts faster, easier, and with better precision.
  • Stronger hold yields a better surface finish and extends the life of your tools.
  • Safe and reliable operation.


Technical Details

This set includes:

  • Tall Alignment Bracket (128mm x 104mm interior)
  • Toe clamp, bottom (2)
  • Toe clamp, Top (2)
  • Hex Keys - 1x Z shaped (3mm, 4mm), 1x L shaped (2.5mm)
  • All necessary fasteners