USB Mini Hub with Power Switch - OTG Micro-USB

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Do you ever find yourself saying, "Gee whiz I wish I could plug in 4 more USB devices to my tablet, or microcontroller with USB host, or a Pi Zero?" I did - literally every single day.  But then I found this Micro USB powered hub and stopped having to repeat myself!

This mini USB hub has four USB 2.0 ports each with a max total transmission speed up to 480 MBps. All four ports are powered thru the USB micro-B cable. There's also a single on-off switch that controls the four USB ports. There is a 1.35mm DC jack port for an external power supply but its connected directly to the 5V line so if you need to externally power, we recommend prying open the case and cutting the red 5V line from the USB connection.

This hub is great for expanding your Pi Zero's USB port, or connecting to a tablet or other device with OTG USB, no adapter required!

We also have a version with USB connector here!


Technical Details

Revision History:

  • As of Jan 8th, 2024 - the internal hub chip has updated to the FE1.1s
  • As of June 28, 2021 - the internal hub chip has changed from the FE1.1s to SL2.1A
RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant