Controllable Four Outlet Power Relay Module version 2 - (Power Switch Tail Alternative)

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Say goodbye to hazardous high voltage wiring and create the Internet of Things with safe, reliable power control. The IoT Power Relay from Digital Loggers is custom designed to fit your every need when developing projects with Raspberry PiArduino, Adafruit Feather, or any other microcontroller board! This beefy relay power module is well designed and is great when you need to control more than one outlet at a time.

New! As of August 2017 we now have version 2 of this lovely outlet controller, it now has one always-on outlet which you can use to power the project which then controls the other 3 outlets. It also has higher isolation voltage and mounting tabs.


  • A single input signal to switch four outlets: 1 always on + 1 normally on + 2 normally off.
  • Universal control voltage 3-60VDC or 12-120VAC, or connect directly to a 12V, 48VDC, or even 120VAC circuit.
  • Optical isolation, relay, hysteresis and de-bounce protection for added safety.
  • A large MOV used to clamp surges for clean 90-140 VAC power.
  • Durable SPDT control relay rated at 30/40A. More than 400k operations at 12A or 2million+ at 5A.
  • A 12A thermal safety circuit breaker switch prevents overloads.
  • Standard 19" C13 detachable cord included.
  • Mounting tabs
  • This power relay is professionally built and tested.


  • IoT products, DIY gadgets, OEM test equipment
  • Home / building automation and security
  • Green power and energy conservation
  • Switching devices using PoE
  • Kiosks, vending machines, and signage controls

Technical Details

  • Please Note: As of August 9th 2017, we are now selling the revised version 2 of this product. Version 2 adds higher isolation voltage, un-switched outlet and mounting tabs.
  • Datasheet
  • Detachable cord: 480mm / 19" (+/- 1")

For technical support for this product please visit the Digital Loggers Support Page

Product Dimensions: 170.0mm x 95.0mm x 35.0mm / 6.7" x 3.7" x 1.4"

Product Weight: 0.7g / 0.0oz


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