Particle Photon Internet Button

  • Description-


    Make something happen on the internet.  We're not talking about putting up a video of your daschund standing on a vacuum cleaner and hoping that it will go viral.  We're talking about pressing a big, rewarding button and having your Photon order a pizza, text a loved one, or dial your missing phone.

    The Internet Button from Particle has four pre-soldered buttons that can interact with the Internet via the Particle.  It uses on-board LEDs to display data or alerts and there's no coding required.

    Comes ready to go - with a Particle Photon, a USB-micro cable, as well as a removable plastic cover.



  • Technical Details+

    Technical Details

    • Diameter: 71mm / 2.8" 
    • Height: 23mm / 0.9"
    • 11 individually controllable RGB LEDs
    • ADXL362 3-axis accelerometer
    • 4 tactile buttons for D-pad style interactions
    • Female socket for connection to Photon
    • Additional female headers for adding extra actuators and sensors
    • Backward compatible with the Core

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