Proto-Pasta - 1.75mm 500g Conductive PLA Filament

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It'd be Fusilli not to buy this filament! Pici up this filament today! Did we tagliatelle you enough about this filament yet? Are these puns Spirali-ng out of control? 

Sorry! We had to get that out of our system.  Proto-pasta is conductive PLA filament from ProtoPlant.  It's a great way to make something with an LED, touch sensor, or some other electronics through your 3D printer.  The filament is great for low-voltage circuitry.  A great way to think of it is that anything you can run through a 1K resistor should work witht his filament. Not all 3D printers can use flexible filament, so make sure your 3D printer is comptaible before purchasing.

This is 1.75mm filament and is made in the USA by Proto-Pasta.  Check out the proto-pasta site here for more information!

Technical Details

  • Strength: Fair strength. More flexible than PLA, but less layer adhesion
  • Stiffness: Low, semi-flexible
  • Heat Resistance: Similar to PLA, use below 50C
  • Layer Adhesion: Fair layer adhesion. Not as good as normal PLA
  • Flexibility: Filament is quite flexible but will break if bent repeatedly (particularly 2.85mm). Printed parts are rigid if more than a mm or two thick. Thin sections are somewhat flexible but fail along layer lines if flexed more than a few times.
  • Failure Mode: If flexed to breakage, failure will be along layer lines.
  • Warping: Very low warping
  • Dual-Head compatibility: Compatible with (sticks to) PLA in dual material prints

Print Settings
Proto-pasta Conductive PLA is quite easy to print and is compatible with most printers that can print PLA.

1.15 g/cm3 (1500 kg/m3)
Bed Temp (if available, is not required): 50° C
Hot End Temp: 215 – 230° C (we run it on the hotter side to encourage layer adhesion)



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