Graphic ST7565 Positive LCD (128x64) with RGB backlight + extras - ST7565

1-9 $17.95
10-99 $16.16
100+ $14.36
  • Description-


    This graphical display looks great, costs less! The dark gray pixels are visible in daylight, and there's also a full RGB LED backlight, which you can control with PWM to make any color you can imagine.

    Four mounting holes and a blank 11 pin 2mm-pitch labeled breakout on the side - we just soldered some wire to each hole as shown in the photos, its very easy. (The LCDs have no wires soldered in when we ship them)

    Bonus! We're including a free 4050 level shifter chip so that you can safely use it with your favorite 5V microcontroller


    • Lower cost than KS0108 LCDs
    • Serial interface uses only 4 or 5 digital pins
    • Low power, full-color RGB LED backlight
    • Visible in daylight without backlight
    • Works perfectly with 3V logic


    • 3.3v power and logic means a level converter is needed for 5V Arduinos (we include this part when purchasing from us)
    • Microcontroller must buffer display - uses 1Kb of RAM. This means you must upgrade to a ATmega328 if you are using an Arduino with a '8 or '168

    For a more detailed tutorial, including how to wire up the display with a 4050, see our writeup at

    We have C code and an Arduino library ready to go (we suggest reading the above tutorial too!)

  • Technical Details+

    Technical Details

    Datasheet for RGB backlight version including dimensional drawing

    Datasheet for older 'white' LED backlight version