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Automotive Gauge Stepper Motor - x27.168

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  • Description


    This stepper motor is a little different than the large NEMA-17 types you may be used to. These are often used in gauges for motorcycles and cars to replace the old-style fully-analog type. They have extremely fine step precision of about 1/2 a degree per step, 600 steps for single stepping, fast response for quick movements, and a range of  ~315° degrees. Their smooth motion makes good for small projects that need a dial indicator, and more precision motion than you may get with a needle gauge.

    Since this is a bi-polar stepper motor you do need to have some sort of H-Bridge to drive it. A L293D or TB6612 will do the job nicely. If you have a microcontroller that can drive 200 ohm loads you might be able to use the direct pins without extra MOSFETs, just remember to include kickback/flyback protection diodes!

    Note that the motor is quite 'weak', not good for moving anything but a light indicator. We include a red-line dial that fits nicely on top by pushing onto the needle shaft.




  • Technical Details

    Technical Details+

    Datasheet - we don't have an exact datasheet but did find one for a compatible gauge, which may be helpful (although not guaranteed to be identical)!

    • Axial Force Maximum: 150N
    • Axial Pull Force Maximum: 100N
    • Radial Force Maximum: 12N
    • Rotation Angle Maximum: 315°
    • Coil Resistance: 260 ohm
    • General Tolerance: ± 0.1 / ± 5°
    • Rotation Angle Maximum: ~315°
    • 600 steps per 'rotation' (315 degree rotation)


    • ​Red-Line Dial Diameter: 13mm / 0.5"
    • Red-Line Dial Length: 42mm / 1.65"
    • Dial Thickness: 1mm / 0.04"
    • Motor Diameter: 32mm / 1.3"
    • Motor Thickness (w/o pins): 9mm / 0.35"
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