BlinkyTile - Light Sculpture Kit

Product ID: 2418


BlinkyTile is a system of LED lights on pentagonal tiles for creating dynamic light sculptures in any shape you can imagine!

Our friends at Blinkinlabs are at it again with the BlinkyTile Light Sculpture Kit! Each BlinkyTile has one individually controllable, multi-color LED, and the solder pads form both the physical and electrical connections between the lights. They can be soldered together to form any shape you can imagine.

Each set of BlinkyTiles comes with a controller programmed with several special light animation modes to make your project look awesome. But it's not a one-trick pony: this controller will also connect to pattern editor software that allows you to easily make your own animations in a simple drawing program. Their software will even let you create sound-reactive sculptures!


  • Supports hundreds of individually-addressable tiles
  • Single USB connector for power and control - just like BlinkyTape!
  • Make patterns easily with the graphical pattern editor
  • Program your own - powered by the same chips as Arduino boards
  • Open Source Hardware - for total control and infinite possibilities
  • RGB LEDs out the wazoo!

Kit includes:

  • PCB Panel with 14 BlinkyTiles
  • 14 snap-in Light Diffusers
  • Lightbuddy LED controller
  • LED data cable
  • USB Cable

This kit does NOT include a soldering iron, solder, nor tape, but check out our soldering section of the store if you need anything!



Note: Shipping weight reflects UPS' new dimensional weight regulations.

Technical Details

  • Assembly Instructions
  • Dimensions (of one BlinkyTile): 50mm x 47mm x 3mm / 2" x 1.9" x 0.1"
  • Weight (of one BlinkyTile): 3.5g

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