Blue Masking Tape for 3D Printing Plates - 60 Yards

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OK yes, it's just masking tape. A big honkin' roll of I'm blue da-ba-dee-da-ba-die masking tape.

Removing 3D printed parts can be tough. Sometimes pieces get stuck to your 3D printing plate and their bottoms get stuck to your build plate. Over time, chiseling objects off can scratch and damage your plate - and get pretty annoying - but with this tape you can coat your printer plate, print directly onto the tape, and then remove your project with ease.

Each 3M 2090 roll is 6 inches / 154mm wide and a full 60 yards / 54.8 meters long so it'll last you a long time.



Technical Details

  • Datasheet
  • Roll length: 60 yds / 54.8m
  • Roll width: 6 inches / 154mm
  • Tape thickness: 0.13mm / 0.005"
  • Temperature use range: Up to 200°F / 93°C for up to 30 minutes


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