ADABOT "Make Robot Friend" Poster

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Here at Adafruit, we envision a future where robots, humans, cyborgs, replicants, cylons, and all other types of artificial intelligence and electro-human hybrids will live in absolute harmony.  While we love a great fictional dystopia, we certainly wouldn't want to live in one.

That's why we made this glossy, beautiful poster that's designed by artist Bruce Yan.  It features a smiling ADABOT holding hands with two human friends. Along the top reads the simplest robotics maxim we could think of - "Make Robot Friend - Not Robot Enemy."

The poster is 18" x 24", is made in the USA, and comes packaged in a cardboard tube for shipping.  With one of these on every wall, we hope we can help make our technological future more dancing and less attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.


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Technical Details

  • 18" x 24"