Camera Shoe Mount / Bracket - Connects to 1/4" screw

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This small and useful Shoe Mount / Bracket lets you take something with a 1/4" machine screw (standard in video/photo work) and turn it into a 'shoe mount'! It's very handy for mounting LED photo lights (as seen in our example), flash adapters, video displays, radio peripherals, or virtually any type of shoe-mounted device. Great for use with our adjustable shoe-mounted pan tilt.

Most photo equipment you'll find these days is built to slide into a shoe and then using the spring-tensioned adjustment screw get safely tightened into place! You can use this 1/4"-to-1/4" adapter if you need to attach it to something with a 1/4" nut.

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Technical Details

  • Standard 1/4" Mounting Thread
  • Spring-Tensioned Adjustment Screw
  • Weight: 18g


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