Pocket Ref - 4th Edition - by Thomas J. Glover

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Have you ever wanted comprehensive information on a diverse amount of subjects in a pocket sized, well-organized format...and not had a cell phone signal or internet connection?

Look no further! This pocket reference book is actually incredibly cool - even if you have a smart phone, wear a pair of Google glass, have read all of Wikipedia, etc.  It's 864 pages of comprehensive tables, maps, formulas, constants, conversions, everything!  There are knot tying diagrams, pictures of airplane signals, the dictionary of American sign language, spice scales for hot peppers - the list goes on and on and on.  

Open to a random page and learn something new.  Or use its comprehensive index to find exactly what you're looking for.  The book's been around since 1989 and has gone through numerous printings and refinements - to the point now where this edition contains just about the best, and most concise, amount of information.

Best of all, it weighs about a half a pound, fits in your shirt pocket, and has a sturdy black cover.  It's kind of the perfect addition to your everyday outfit.


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