PRINTinZ Flexible 3D Printer Plate for Printrbot - 168mm x 237mm

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Removing 3D printed parts from your 3D printer can be tough. Sometimes pieces get stuck to your 3D printing plate and their bottoms get stuck to your build plate.  Over time, chiseling objects off can scratch and damage your plate - and get pretty annoying - so wouldn't it be great if you could just bend the plate to pop off your parts? Introducing the PRINTinZ Flexible 3D Printer Plate for Printrbot!

This Printer Plate is designed to fit on machine beds that are close to 168mm x 237mm such as the Printrbot Simple Metal. Beware! If you're looking to use this with the Printrbot Simple Kit - 1405 Model, then you'll have to cut it down to size.

This plate features a copper layer just under the outer skin (on both sides) that allows it to work with the Printrbot inductive proximity sensor for auto-leveling. We also have the 300mm x 300mm PRINTinZ flexible printer plate which can be cut smaller to fit other machines.

As of Thursday, June 25th, 2015, we are selling the Printinz Plate model. This version has a white side and a black side to provide better contrast with whichever filament color is being printed. They are opaque so the underlying adhesive doesn't show through, and the surface finish is very smooth and matte instead of glossy. The chemistry is exactly the same so the adhesion and release characteristics are the same too.

The PRINTinZ Printer Plate was developed as a superior alternative to the print surfaces being used on consumer 3D printers. If you've spent any time using a fused filament type of machine like our Printrbots, then you understand the demands on the print surface. The PRINTinZ Printer Plate works with all of our PLA and ABS filaments and can handle up to 100°C!

The plate is intended to be clipped directly onto the metal bed. Clips can be placed anywhere along the front edge, and small binder clips will fit on the rear edge at the very ends of the plate. Don't put them closer to the middle of the plate or they will interefere with the machine frame.

*In some cases, the thickness of the outer skin above the metal layer can vary from one side of the plate to the other. For the first couple prints, double check your Z calibration when switching sides.*


Technical Details

As of Thursday, June 25th, 2015, we are selling the Printinz Plate model.

  • 168mm x 237mm x 5mm / 6.6" x 9.3" x 0.2"
  • Weight: 283g 

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Bend the plate to pop off your parts!
Print in copper or bronze and polish to a shine!
Make a tiny Pi Project!
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