Intel® Edison R2 Kit w/ Arduino Breakout Board

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The Intel® Edison R2 Kit for Arduino is a compact computing platform that's small by design so you can easily integrate it into projects.  It's primarily designed for "Internet of Things" projects and is pretty powerful for its small size. 

The Edison has a bunch of features that makes it appealing for makers of all skill levels.  It uses a 22 nm Intel SoC that includes a dual core, dual threaded Intel Atom CPU at 500MHz and a 32-bit Intel® Quark microcontroller which runs at 100 MHz.  It's a lot of power for a board that's about the size of an LED Matrix.

The board supports 40 GPIOs and includes 1 GB LPDDR3, 4 GB EMMC, and has dual-band WiFI and BTLE. However, to get to all those pins can be a hassle without a breakout board. That's why we have this kit! The Edison kit for Arduino comes with a breakout board that supports Arduino Sketch, Linux, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.  Best of all, it's mostly-compatible with the Arduino Uno layout (with 4 PWM instead of 6 PWM) so you can connect your Arduino breakout boards onto the Intel board to interact with the Edison.

This Intel Arduino breakout also has an SD card connector, micro USB or standard sized USB-A connector, 6 analog inputs, and 20 ditial input/output pins, 1x UART, 1x I2C, and 1x ICSP 6-pin header (SPI) Power with 7V-15V DC input and you're ready to play with the Edison!

Note: As of Tuesday June 14th 2016, we are now carrying the upgraded version of this product - Intel® Edison R2! 

New Middleware Features:

Connectivity Framework Enhancements:

  • Bluetooth Support

Expanded I/O Library Support

  • JavaScript & Python Bindings
  • Additional Sensors
New Cloud Features:
  • Portal Enhancements and Back-end Intergration
  • RESTful Device Data Access
  • Device Messaging and Notification with Third Party Service Intergration
  • OTA Software Installation and Upgrade
  • Logging Features
  • Hosted IDE for Cloud-Based Services 
  • Online Forums

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Technical Details

For all technical issues, replacement and warranty assistance for the Intel Edison please contact Intel Maker support.

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RoHS 2 2015 863 EU Compliant


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