1 GS/s 50 MHz 4-channel Digital Oscilloscope - Rigol DS1054Z - Rigol DS1054Z

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The ultimate debugging tool for electronics, this oscilloscope will turn you into a "Circuit Whisperer". You will be able to peer into the workings of your circuits to better understand them. Difficult problems will suddenly become trivial. We tried many beginner oscilloscopes and found this one to be a perfect balance of price and function for anyone looking to examine signals lower than 50MHz and in need of 4 channels.  At this price, it's perfect as a 'first scope' or as a hacker-space resource to share - and can be used for years as your projects get more complicated.

 To learn about how to use oscilloscopes, we suggest reading Tektronix's great "XYZs of Oscilloscopes" and the other great Tek documents that cover everything you need to know!

This is the 50 Mhz version.  We also carry a 100Mhz version with 2 channels and a 50MHz version with 2 channels

Bonus extras! we include an awesome sew/iron-on embroidered "Oscilloscope Skill Badge" and vinyl sticker!

  • 4 analog channels
  • 1 Giga-sample per second Analog/Digital Converter - 1000 MSa/s real-time sample rate for one channel, 500 MS/s for two channels, or 250MSa/s (3/4 channels) gives you the most detail even at high-frequency signals
  • 50 MHz software bandwidth (you can view up to 50 MHz digital/analog signals clearly)
  • 7” full-color LCD display (800x480)
  • Digital storage with 12 Mpoints memory depth, 24 Mpoints for long memory
  • Trigger via Edge, Pulse, Runt, Window, Nth Edge, Slope, Video, Alternate, Pattern, Delay, TimeOut, and Duration
  • Many types of wave parameter measurements built-in:
  • Auto trigger/display is great for beginners
  • Math and FFT functions
  • Comes with 4 passive probes (150 MHz) and 1 logic analyzer probe ( (MSO only))
  • Ultras Scope and Ultra Sigma software for PC control
  • Lightweight, 3.2 kg makes it easy to carry around wherever you need it!
  • Analog channels: Frequency, Rise Time, Fall Time, Positive Pulse Width, Negative Pulse Width, Positive Duty Cycle, Negative Duty Cycle, Time of Vmax, Time of Vmin, positive SlewRate, Negative SlewRate, Delay, Phase, Maximum, Minimum, Peak-Peak Value, Top Value, Bottom Value, Amplitude, Upper, Middle, Lower, Average, RMS, Overshoot, Pre-shoot, Area, Period Area, Period RMS, Variance
  • Digital channels: Period, Frequency, Positive Pulse Width, Negative Pulse Width

This comes with:

  • CD-ROM with datasheets, manuals, and software
  • 4x passive probes (150 MHz) and 1x logic analyzer probe (MSO only)
  • USB Cable
  • Bonus! Oscilloscope vinyl sticker

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Technical Details

Revision History:

  • As of July 29, 2022 - this product no longer includes an Oscilloscope sticker


  • DS1000z Datasheet
  • DS1000z Manual
  • Bandwidth / Analog Bandwidth / Single-shot Bandwidth: 50MHz
  • Vertical Resolution: 12 bits
  • Analog Channels: 4
  • Vertical Sensitivity: 2 mV/div - 10V/div
  • Real-Time Sample Rate: 1GSa/s (single channel), 500MSa/s (dual channel)
  • Equivalent Sample Rate: 25GSa/s (repetitive signals)
  • Scanning Speed Range (seconds/div): 2ns/div - 50s/div

 To learn about how to use oscilloscopes, we suggest reading Tektronix's great "XYZs of Oscilloscopes" and the other great Tek documents that cover everything you need to know!

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