Panavise ActionGrip 3-N-1 Camera Mount

Product ID: 2079


Be the Mikhail Kalatozov of GoPro with this 3-N-1 ActionGrip Suction Cup Camera Mount Kit! This kit has enough flexibility to give you three different camera mounts - one for low profile mounting, one for full range of motion, and one for maximum adjustability.

It's the kind of all-in-one tool that can give your footage a unique perspective with a variety of interesting angles.  The ActionGrip also comes with a super powerful suction cup that can be used on vehicles, boats, or drones in both hot and cold temperatures.  All of it's put together by Panavise, with lightweight aluminum parts, so you can trust the quality and durability.

The ActionGrip has a 1/4"-20 ball that works with all cameras with a standard threaded tripod insert.  GoPro camera is not included! 



Technical Details

  • Suction Cup Diameter: 86mm / 3.4"


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