USB Patterned Fabric Cable - A/MicroB - 3ft

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Oooh it's so soft! And that beautiful pattern! If you have to have visible cables then you might as well have the nicest fabric bound cable with a eye-catching snake-like pattern.  That's why we now carry this standard A to micro-B USB cable for USB 1.1 or 2.0. Perfect for connecting a PC to your Arduino Leonardo/Micro, Raspberry Pi, NETduino, (among other things).

Basically: have something with a microUSB port? This will work, and it's 3 feet / 90cm long.

Note: While the covering pattern may change, the main color on the cable will always be Adafruit black!


Technical Details

  • Cable Length: 36" / approximately 90 cm
  • Weight: 21g


While it doesn't roll very well itself, we can make a dice roller using a NeoTrellisM4.
It has lights and buttons, which means you can play games on it.
Control a software synth with 16 analog MIDI CC knobs at your fingertips!
How to use MATLAB and Simulink to communicate with your Arduino
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