Computer Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 (Pi Not Included)

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Want to create your own computer but unsure of where to start? Our Computer Kit for Raspberry Pi might be just the thing you need to get your gears in motion! This kit provides you with a keyboard, mouse, power supply, Pi enclosure, HDMI cable, and an SD card with the necessary operating system out of which you can operate. The creation of your computer begins here!

Kit includes:

All you need to finish up a full computer is a Raspberry Pi and an HDMI monitor or display. A Raspberry Pi 3 is suggested but you can also use a Pi 2 or Pi B+!

Note: Raspberry Pi is not included in this pack.

Technical Details

Revision History: 

  • As of January 17, 2020, this pack now contains a 16GB SD card with NOOBS 3.1
  • As of July 16, 2018 this pack now contains a 2.5A power supply instead of a 2.4A.

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