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The Raspberry Leaf (Three Pack)

  • Description


    Have you ever tried making a connection from your Raspberry Pi to a breadboard and had trouble finding the pin you need because nothing is labelled? Have you made mistakes matching a diagram of the pinout to the actual pins? Are you not making enough connections to use our amazing Pi Cobbler? Try the Raspberry Leaf!

    The Raspberry Leaf is a piece of high quality glossy paper that's cut and drilled to to pop over the GPIO pins of your Raspberry Pi and label them for easy connection. It greatly simplifies using the Raspberry Pi with a breadboard. All you do is push the leaf all the way down over the GPIO pins and then you're ready to go!

    All the numbers refer to the BCM GPIO Number so if you're using the RPi.GPIO library then be sure to set the BCM mode using the function setmode.

    The Raspberry Leaf is sold in packs of three


  • Technical Details

    Technical Details+


    • 42mm x 25mm / 1.7" x 1"
    • Weight: 0.2g
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