GEMMA Talking Toy Guts Sound Pack

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Mod your stuffed toy to chirp, meow, or woof! This GEMMA parts pack makes it easy to add simple sounds to any plush toy, and especially the Sew-Your-Own Owl Kit (not included!) A tilt ball switch is used to trigger GEMMA to play a sound of your choosing (or write your own) through a small speaker, amplified by a transistor.
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This kit does not come with the plushie owl! We have a seperate kit just for that item, see below or use a stuffed toy you have around the house! You'll also need a MicroB USB cable, which you also likely have, or you can pick one up here. Some soldering is required, but its a fun weekend project and a good way to learn about basic electronic assembly. Check out the Tutorial to learn how!

Technical Details


Introducing Adafruit's mini wearable microcontroller
Make any toy make simple sound!
Calibrate sensors on GEMMA and Trinket!
feel the passage of time