W25Q80BV - 1 MByte SPI Flash

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This adorable little DIP chip has a megabyte of flash storage. It's solid-state and less expensive than an SD card, and has more storage than your microcontroller's EEPROM. Perfect for when you want to store or retreive up to 1 Megabyte of data. Use any microcontroller with SPI. This is a 3.3V part so you'll need to power it with 3.3VDC and use a level shifter if controlling with a 5V micro such as an Arduino. A 74LVC245 or 4-transistor level shifter will do quite nicely!

For more details, check out the datasheet. We have a barebones SPI Flash library for Arduinos on github

W25Q80BV - 1 MByte SPI Flash (7:52)


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