Solder:Time Desk Clock

1-9 $89.95
10-99 $80.96
100+ $71.96
  • Description-


    Make a sleek full featured, conversation starting desk clock. The Solder:Time™ Desk Clock is the latest addition to the Solder:Time kit family. The Solder Time Desk Clock (STDC) is a DIY soldering kit. You only need to provide some basic electronics tools; Solder iron, solder, screwdriver, some fine grit sandpaper and wire snips. We've pre-programmed the chip, so it's ready to roll once assembled.

    Itching to hack in some custom code or hardware? Bring it on! Designed with hack-a-bility in mind, the STDC is based on the same ATMega microprocessor used in the Arduino products. There are extra digital and analog pins broken-out, an open serial port as well as I2C all easily accessible within the case, as well as an integrated prototyping area on-board. Download the sketch from our web page, modify it, add extra hardware if that's your thing, and WOW your friends (or the Internet) with your amazing add-ons.


    • Easy through hole soldering kit
    • Comes pre-programed
    • Back-up battery for Clock
    • Time, Month, Day and Date
    • Alarm with buzzer
    • No special adhesives required
    • This kit is so substantial that it only comes in a box


    • Re-program with the Arduino IDE
    • Free Digital I/O Pins 4 (of which 2 are used for Serial)
    • Free Analog Input Pins 2
    • I2C Port
    • All pins broken in a convenient header
    • Built in proto-area
    • Two Sets of PCB mounting holes
    • Optional "break-off" mounting holes

    Tools & Supplies required:

    • Soldering Iron
    • Solder
    • Flush Cutters
    • Fine sand paper
  • Technical Details+

    Technical Details


    • Dimensions 7 x 3 1/8 x 1 9/16" (178 x 8 x 39 mm)
    • Built weight 12.9oz (367g)
    • Input Voltage 9 to 12V
    • Current 25 ma


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