Trinket 6-Pack - 3 x 3.3V and 3 x 5V Trinkets

Product ID: 1509


We're no longer selling this pack of Trinket 3V+5V, we recommend our Trinket M0 which has better USB support, way faster processor, a ton more memory and CircuitPython support!


Be the life of your (hackerspace) party when you show up with this six-pack! Get 6 Trinkets at 12% off - comes with 3 x 3V Trinkets, and 3 x 5V Trinkets.


As of October 12th, 2015 the 6-pack now includes three revised 3V Trinkets and three revised 5V Trinkets with micro-B USB connectors rather than mini-B.


Introducing Adafruit's mini microcontroller
Turning the Trinket into a standard USB keyboard.
Making a volume control knob using the Trinket connected to your computer via USB.
Add a USB serial port to your Trinket using software

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