FriedCircuits USB Tester v2.0

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Discontinued - you can grab Multifunctional USB Digital Tester - USB A and C instead! 


USB has become the core of many projects, but it's troublesome to test USB voltage levels and current usage using a breadboard. Some people try to splice cables and alligator clip onto frayed ends, but it's difficult to get solid readings. This USB Tester will make it much easier to monitor any USB project's power source.

As part of the USB spec, ports are limited to 500mA, so you want to monitor how close you are. Most people use USB hubs, both powered and unpowered, and with many devices connected, you can end up with less than 5V which can cause havoc on you projects. The USB Tester will make it a snap to monitor voltage levels and current usage without having to re-wire your breadboard. Just connect to your oscilloscope or DMM test leads, and you’re good to go! The USB Tester has both banana clip sized drills and standard 0.1” headers. When you are not testing current you can add a jumper for normal operation. The USB D+/D- pins are also broken out so you can monitor those on an oscilloscope, or for USB sniffing.

Comes with an assembled PCB and a jumper. For more information on how to use, check out the product page.

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FriedCircuits USB Tester v1.3 (5:39)

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 30.73mm / 1.2" x 49.87mm / 1.9" x 8.9mm / 0.35"

Revision History:

  • As of September 8th, 2014 the v2.0 of this product has a USB-Micro connector instead of a USB-Mini!
  • As of May 14th, 2018 this product comes pre-assembled.