Onion Pi Pack w/Large Antenna - Make a Raspberry Pi B+ Tor Proxy

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Feel like someone is snooping on you? Browse anonymously anywhere you go with the Onion Pi Tor proxy. Using this pack of parts and a free weekend you can build a project that uses a Raspberry Pi B+, a USB WiFi adapter and Ethernet cable to create a small, low-power and portable privacy Pi.

After it's built, using it is easy-as-pie. First, plug the Ethernet cable into any Internet provider in your home, work, hotel or conference/event. Next, power up the Pi with the 5V 2A Power Supply. The Pi will boot up and create a new secure wireless access point called Onion Pi. Connecting to that access point will automatically route any web browsing from your computer through the anonymizing Tor network.

This pack comes with everything you need, $99 of parts for $85. Each order comes with:

You'll still need to set up the access point and Tor software according to our tutorial. This project is best used by people with a little bit of command-line, linux or Raspberry Pi experience. If you've set up a Raspberry Pi B+ and configured it before, this project will be a fun experience. We have tons of tutorials for exploring Raspberry Pi in the Adafruit Learning System

Technical Details

Revision History:

  • As of February 13, 2020 this pack now comes with a 16GB SD Card with NOOBS 3.1 instead of 8GB
  • As of July 16, 2018 this pack now comes with a 2.5A power supply instead of 2.4A.
  • As of March 8, 2018, this now comes with full PIXEL desktop NOOBS 2.4 instead of NOOBS 2.0
  • As of Dec 9, 2014 this pack is updated for the Raspberry Pi Model B+


Make a Raspberry Pi into a Anonymizing Tor Proxy!