Bare Conductive Greeting Card Kit - Classroom pack

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This is a lovely way to get an entire classroom of up to 30 students started with Bare Conductive paint, with three fun electronic greeting cards. There are 30 card kits, 3 each of 10 different cute robot designs and 10 each of 3 different colored blinking LEDs. Use the included 10 mL pens to draw traces and connect components on the front of the card.

Comes with: 30 x cards, 10 x 10mL Bare Conductive pen, 30 x auto-flashing red, green or blue LEDs, 30 x 3v coin batteries. Each card has basic instructions on it and there's an teachers guide and additional CD with more information.

Bare Conductive Paint is a multipurpose electrically conductive material perfect for all of your DIY projects! Bare Paint is water based, nontoxic and dries at room temperature.

Bare Paint is the first non-toxic electrically conductive paint available to consumers today. This unique child-friendly material is designed for people of all ages to explore and learn about electronics with an inclusive, easy-to-use material.

Bare Paint provides a dramatically different method of interacting with electronics as it can be applied to almost any surface, including cardboard, paper, wood, wallpaper, walls, textiles, and some plastics.

Bare paint can be used to replace conventional acid etching, making it a great electronics prototyping tool. Nontoxic and water-soluble, Bare Paint can be used without gloves or mask. The paint dries quickly at room temperature, and can be removed with soap and water. This means it's also not water-proof or weather-resistant!

Application Methods Include: painting, screen printing & spray painting among others. Despite being called "Bare" conductive, it's meant not for use on bare skin.

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Technical Details

Comes with

  • 10 Bare Paint pens
  • 30 Colored card templates
  • 30 Flashing LEDS (10 red, 10 green, 10 blue)
  • 30 3V coin cells
  • Template CD and instructions

Datasheet with much more information including resistivity

Tutorial for the robotic greeting card kits
Bare conductive has many tutorials showing usage examples on their site

For Bare Conductive product support, email them at [email protected]

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