Litex White LEDs on White Fabric Ribbon Pack - 1.5 meter 30 LEDs

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This soft fabric ribbon has tiny surface mount LEDs bonded onto two thin conductive threads that go along the length. A tiny battery pack controller snaps onto the end. The result is an ultra-flexible and elegant-looking way to add LEDs to a wearable project.

This ribbon is approximately 1.5 meters long, and has 30 white LEDs spaced equally along the ribbon. You can cut the ribbon easily but you cannot solder to it so once it's cut, it cannot be re-joined. The battery pack has a simple controller that switches between a few modes: all on, fast blink, slow blink, and a slow fade in and out. It is powered by and comes with 2 x 12mm coin cell batteries, but you can also get some more from us. We also have extra battery packs. It is possible to cut the ribbon in half and then snap another battery pack onto the second piece.

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Litex White LEDs on White Fabric Ribbon Pack - 1.5 meter 30 LEDs (6:20)

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Technical Details

  • Powered by 2 x CR1220 batteries
  • Weight: 0.04g
  • Dimensions: 15.43mm / 0.6" x 30.47mm / 1.2" x 10.54mm / 0.4"
  • Ribbon Length: 3mm / 0.11" x 1.5m / 59"


Make your toes twinkle!
Intro to electronics for cosplayers, no prior experience required

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