USB Powered Speakers

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Add some extra boom to your audio project with these powered loudspeakers. We sampled half a dozen different models to find ones with a good frequency response, so you'll get quality audio output for music playback. Simply connect the standard 3.5mm stereo plug into your Raspberry Pi model B or B+, Wave shield, etc. There's even a volume control wheel on it so you can set it up just right.

For power, plug the USB connector into anything that can provide USB power. If you keep the volume about half-way (which is still really loud), the current draw is 200-400mA. At max volume, you can end up with up to 1 A peak draw. If a computer is not available, one of our 5V 1A wall adapters will work well and if you want to power from a battery pack, you can use a USB A to 2.1mm adapter if you don't want to cut the cord.

USB Powered Speakers (1:33)

Technical Details

  • 70 Hz - 20 KHz frequency response
  • Power requirements: 5VDC 1A peak (at max volume output)
  • 4 Ohm impedance speakers, 3W each
  • Dimensions (one speaker): 63mm x 90mm x 111mm / 2.5" x 3.5" x 4.4"

Revision History:

  • As of June 19, 2018 we have new version of these speakers which are slightly larger and have a wider frequency range. The color of the speakers may vary - blue or red!
  • As of August 7, 2020 we have yet another version of these speakers. The color of the speakers may vary - blue or red!


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