RePaper - 1.44" Graphic eInk Development Board - SG020

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Ever since the Kindle eReader came out, we've been wanting a nice small graphical eInk display that is easy to use with a microcontroller. And finally our desires have been fulfilled with the rePaper 1.44" development board from Pervasive Displays! We're excited to offer this very interesting display breakout for hackers who want to start playing with small eInk displays.

This kit comes with a driver board that is powered from 3V and has level shifting on all the I/O pins so it can be used with 5V microcontrollers such as the Arduino. The PCB also has a lot of driver circuitry required to keep the display running smoothly such a temperature sensor, FLASH memory and ZIF socket. All signals are broken out to a 20 male socket header on the left. A 20 pin socket/socket cable is included to make wiring easier and there's also some extra-long header so you can plug these wires into Arduino header or a breadboard.

The display is 1.44" diagonal and 128 x 96 resolution true eInk graphical display. These are intended for use as small dynamic signage in grocery stores since a barcode displayed on it can be scanned by a laser barcode-reader. The display does not require any power to keep the image and will stay 'on' without any power connection for many days before slowly fading. Of course, its also daylight readable and is very high contrast. This makes it excellent for data-logging applications, outdoor displays, or any other ultra-low power usages

The good news is that rePaper/PDI have provided a suite of example code for Arduino UNO/Leonardo as well as the MSP430 Launchpad and also have a site with some documentation on how to wire up the displays and datasheets. However, please note: the displays are quite large pixel-wise and to dynamically write to the display requires 1.5K of RAM - more than the Arduino Uno or Leo/Launchpad can spare so for those boards, the example code only displays what is stored in a 8-pin FLASH chip in the devboard. (By default that FLASH contains a picture of a cat and some imaged text, see photos above)

If you want to draw 'dynamically' (lines, circles, text, etc) you will need an Arduino Mega (Due not tested at this time. Check our tutorial for information on how to wire to a Mega so that you can use the Adafruit GFX library for drawing.

Tons more information including wiring diagrams, datasheets & and links to example code at rePaper!

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rePaper - 1.44" Graphic eInk Development Board (13:10)

Technical Details

  • Weight: 19.5g
  • Dimensions: 50mm x 120.1mm x 10.8mm / 1.9in x 4.7in x 0.4in


Outline Dimension40.512(H) x 28.800(V) x 1.200(T)mm(1)

Active Area29.312(H) x 21.984(V)mm 

Driver Elementa-Si TFT active matrix- 


Pixel Number128 x 96pixel 

Pixel Pitch0.229 x 0.229 (111dpi)mm 

Pixel ArrangementVertical stripe- 

Display ColorsBlack/White- 

Surface TreatmentAnti-Glare- 

Tons more information including wiring diagrams, datasheets & and links to example code at reRaper!

RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant
RoHS 2 2015 863 EU Compliant


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