Maxbotix Ultrasonic Rangefinder - HR-USB-EZ1 - MB1413

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    The HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ sensor line is the fastest way to get precision range-finding into your computer. No microcontroller or adapter required, simply connect any micro B USB cable (not included) into the sensor and install the FTDI drivers to get serial sonar distance data via serial on any computer operating system.

    The HR-USB-EZ sensor line provides high accuracy and high resolution ultrasonic proximity detection and ranging in air, in a package less than one cubic inch. This sensor line features 1mm resolution, target-size and operating-voltage compensation for improved accuracy, superior rejection of outside noise sources, internal speed-of-sound temperature compensation and optional external speed-of-sound temperature compensation. This ultrasonic sensor detects objects from 1mm to 5meters, senses range to objects from 30cm to 5meters, with large objects closer than 30cm typically reported as 30cm.

    • USB interface
    • Resolution of 1 mm
    • Multi-sensor operation
    • ~250mS between range readings
    • Maximum Range of 5000 mm (196 inches)
    • 42kHz Ultrasonic sensor measures distance to objects
    • RoHS compliant
    • Virtually no sensor dead zone, objects closer than 30 cm range as 30 cm
    • Small, light weight module
    • Designed for easy integration into your project or product
    • Great starting point for users unsure of which sensor to use

    HRLV-EZ1 Data Sheet / Product Information Guide is available here.




    Maxbotix Ultrasonic Rangefinder - HR-USB-EZ1 (11:53)

  • Technical Details+

    Technical Details


    • Length: 15.52mm/0.61in
    • Width: 22.36mm/0.88in
    • Height: 20.0mm/0.79in
    • Weight: 4.23g/0.15oz

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    RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant
    RoHS 2 2015 863 EU Compliant