Adafruit IoT Pi Printer Project Pack - v2

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Build an "Internet of Things" connected mini printer that will do your bidding! This is a fun weekend project that comes with a beautiful laser cut case. Once assembled, the little printer connects wirelessly to get Internet data for printing onto 2 1/4" wide receipt paper. Based on a Raspberry Pi computer, this is a powerful mini Linux machine. We have example python code for a few different printouts including a daily weather forecast report, sudoku puzzles, image printer and a Tweet-printer that connects Twitter's search API and retrieve and print tweets according to your requests: you can have it print out tweets from a person, a hashtag, mentioning a word, etc! All the code in written in python and is open source so its easy to adapt and write your own custom printer software

The project is based on Raspberry Pi, and while its not a very complex project soldering-wise it does require a little simple soldering and assembly work. This project is a good project to take on if you've set up a Raspberry Pi computer before and know how to run commands on your Pi.
This kit contains all you need but the Pi and tools. Raspberry Pi computer is not included. You can use a Raspberry Pi Zero, Zero W, B+, 2 or Pi 3. We recommend using a Pi 3 or Pi Zero W because the built in WiFi will save you a step.If you are using a Pi Zero you will also need to pick up a 2x20 header to solder in so you can plug in the connectors.


We've totally revamped this kit to make it less expensive, and easier to build! Check out our tutorial on how to build this kit over at Some assembly, including soldering, required - but it's totally worth it.

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    • As of Sept 2017 we are selling version 2 which has been redesigned to work with the new Pi B+/2/3 and Pi Zero's! We still have instructions for the old version but the new version of the kit does not come with a Pi, console cable or Cobbler.
    • As of March 14, 2021 - We've updated the SD card to be 16GB and come with NooBs


    Build an "Internet of Things" connected mini printer that will do your bidding!
    Secret Adafruit ninja design tricks revealed!
    Set up your RPi Internet of Things Thermal Printer to generate one time pads!