OpenBeam Starter Kit - Black Aluminum

  • Description-


    Get cracking on your robot, fixture or gantry with this luxurious extruded aluminum starter kit. You get tons of stuff, so you won't end up frustrated and missing a component. The pieces are also pre-cut so for many small projects you won't even need to get out your hacksaw. All extrusions are 15mm by 15mm square

    Comes with:

    • 4 pieces of 150mm long extrusion
    • 4 pieces of 120mm long extrusion
    • 4 pieces of 90mm long extrusion
    • 4 pieces of 60mm long extrusion
    • 4 pieces of 30mm long extrusion
    • 8 pieces of T bracket
    • 16 pieces of L bracket
    • 100 pack of nuts, 100 pack of bolts and a 2mm hex key or 2mm hex screwdriver

    Because this kit is anodized aluminum, it is suceptible to scratching! We have no control over whether or not your kit shows up with scratches on it.

  • Technical Details+

    Technical Details

    RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant
    RoHS 2 2015 863 EU Compliant