FLORA GPS Starter Pack

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Get started with the fabulous Adafruit Flora platform with this lovely starter kit. Included are plenty of parts to make a few different fun projects! There's a Flora motherboard, a GPS module that can also perform location datalogging, eight ultra-bright chainable RGB pixels, a battery holder and batteries, two types of our high quality stainless steel thread, alligator clips to help you test out your parts, a USB cable for reprogramming the Flora, and some parts to make a wearable remote control (or TV-B-Gone!): NPN transistors, long range IR LEDs, and matching resistors. 

We guarantee lots of safe sewing fun!

You may get a FLORA with an off-white or black JST connector.

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Play video: What is FLORA? Adafruit's Arduino-Compatible Wearables Platform


Technical Details

As of Dec 15, 2021 This pack comes with the Flora GPS module using the MTK3333 chipset which can use multiple GNSS constellations and is a little thicker. Other than that it works the same.

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