Programming Arduino By Simon Monk - Second Edition

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    Using clear, easy-to-follow examples, Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches - Second Edition reveals the software side of Arduino and explains how to write well-crafted sketches using the modified C language of Arduino. No prior programming experience is required! The downloadable sample programs featured in the book can be used as-is or modified to suit your purposes.

    Note: As of March 22nd 2017, we are now selling the Second Edition to Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches: 

    • Set up the software, power up your Arduino, and start uploading sketches
    • Understand the basics of c language programming
    • Add functions, arrays, and strings to your sketches
    • Program Arduino's digital and analog inputs and outputs
    • Use functions from the standard Arduino library
    • Write sketches that store data in EEPROM or flash memory
    • Interface with displays, including OLED's and LCD's
    • Connect the Internet and configure Arduino as a Web server
    • Develop interesting programs for the Internet of Things
    • Build your own libraries and use object-orientated programming methods

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    Use an Arduino to send an email, whenever movement is detected with a PIR sensor.