Adafruit is open, safely ... and shipping orders immediately!

Adafruit is open, safely ... and shipping

WE ARE Shipping orders FAST!

Adafruit is 100% vaccinated! All 100+ of us!! At this time Adafruit is shipping all orders immediately! When there may shipping delays due to high demand, supply chain issues, a global shipping crisis, and severe weather in some locations - we will update this section, add an alert to our page, update outbound order confirmation emails, and more!

The Adafruit team thanks our customers and community for all the orders and patience during the pandemic, supply constraints, weather, and more.

How is Adafruit keeping the team safe and orders safe?
Government, educational institutions, and organizations have requested safety protocols from their suppliers, we've published them from the start, and frequently update as we add more safety protocols at Adafruit. You can view the PDF here.

Adafruit uses air quality monitoring for optimal air flow, minimal staff per floor per shift, open windows, MERV filtering in HVAC, daily temperature and symptom logging and tracing. Adafruit previously surface tested areas with the Phylagen Surface test for COVID-19 each month, and published the results: there were no detectable COVID-19 inside the Adafruit facility as per the last test performed.

Adafruit team members have PTO (paid time off) for COVID-19 testing, vaccination (and for family members), flu shots, and all testing and flu shots are free for team members, including booster shots - and taking others to get vaccinated. Adafruit team members also have PTO for kids to get vaccinated as well.

Adafruit is 100% compliant with the NY HERO ACT. The New York Health and Essential Rights Act (NY HERO Act) was signed into law on May 5, 2021. The law mandates extensive new workplace health and safety protections in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of the NY HERO Act is to protect employees against exposure and disease during a future airborne infectious disease outbreak.

What if something is out of stock?
Please sign up to be notified when the products are back in stock. Also, while we've been helping the fight against COVID-19 as an essential manufacturing business in NYC, Digi-Key is assisting Adafruit getting products delivered to customers via the Digi-Key site if we're not in stock. Adafruit's products are also available from all our fantastic distributors... from Arrow to Mouser! Check out the complete list on:

What about the chip shortages and global shipping delays?
So far so, good - we have some supply issues, but we're doing "ok" - we've moved ADABOX to a seasonal schedule, we are shipping the FALL ADABOX in OCT/NOV and the WINTER ADABOX Jan/Feb of 2022 to add some time to make it all happen!

What regions of the USA is Adafruit shipping PPE (personal protective equipment)?
Adafruit is shipping PPE (personal protective equipment) to all locations in the USA.