Get it now on the App store! WARNING! This game teaches USEFUL SKILLS! Learn resistor values and have fun at the same time!

mho's resistance

Complete real circuits & unlock a working electronic instrument - Mho's Resistance makes resistor color codes fun!

mho's resistance

Mho is a resistor who needs your help. Set Mho's color bands to the correct values in order to complete each circuit. But be careful, incorrect values will unleash the Blue Smoke Monster - not good!

mho's resistance

Or - go head to head with a friend in Versus mode to see who can complete the most values before time runs out!

  • Battle against time & complete circuits in Quest Mode
  • 2-player Versus Mode over Bluetooth
  • Sharpen your skills in Practice Mode w/ value labels & no time limit
  • Groove to an all analog-synth soundtrack
  • Learn a useful skill while playing a game!

"Really helps" 5 star reviews!
Educational and very pretty-looking!.

"Great way to learn the basics"5 star reviews!
Really great animations, and a fun way to memorize resistor color codes!

"Mho is the best!" 5 star reviews!
So cute! And I finally have the resistor rainbow memorized!

"I want mho!" 5 star reviews!
My 8yo really digs Mho's Resistance and now knows resistor values better than I do! Love the graphics, love the music, love the game!

mho's resistance
Mho's Resistance is available for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, & iPod touch devices running iOS 4.3 or higher available now on the App Store. It's only $0.99 and there's a $0.99 off coupon for the Adafruit store included!