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Cats of Engineering

If you want to add your "cat of engineering" visit the "submit a cat" page - CLICK HERE!

Photo Credit: Londa
Name of Cat: Cooper Whoolio

Title: D'Artagnan and Atronach the robotic eyeball share a moment
Photo Credit: Jenny Hane
Name of Cat: D'Artagnan

Title:Devendra with Cappy
Photo Credit: Dean Miller
Name of Cat: Devendra

Title: Hey, quit playing with those beesss!
Photo Credit: Nuno Neves
Name of Cat: Farrusca

Title: Gabbyduino
Photo Credit: Holly Schemmer
Name of Cat: Gabby

Title: The new webcam included on the makerbot? We have a webcat, much better resolution and feedback!!
Photo Credit: Gaya
Name of Cat: Lisert

Title: Ready for Field Troubleshooting
Photo Credit: Mark Litwack
Name of Cat: Stella

Title: Carmen enjoying the 12mm diffused LED pixel strand.
Photo Credit: Tony DiCola
Name of Cat: Carmen

Title: Kaylee found the latest batch of Digikey packaging...
Photo Credit: Erik Walthinsen
Name of Cat: Kaylee

Title: Lilu passes out on my workbench while helping me debug
Photo Credit: Matthew Nelson
Name of Cat: Lilu

Title: Meh wantz to learn JavaScript. I can haz the book, please?
Photo Credit: fede142857
Name of Cat: Meh

Title: Fozzie needs to calculate your Ohms
Photo Credit: Ryan Price
Name of Cat: Fozzie

Title: Prototyping Neopixel Mastermind game
Photo Credit: Sausage
Name of Cat: Hot Stuff

Title: Billie doing quality control
Photo Credit: Zak Zebrowski
Name of Cat: Billie

Title: One day Schrödinger will ask about where he came from. I don't look forward to explaining it.
Photo Credit: David Lei
Name of Cat: Schrödinger

Title: SleepPad
Photo Credit: RS
Name of Cat: Cyril

Title: Lila likes to help..
Photo Credit: ds
Name of Cat: Lila

Title: Now I know how to make my own red laser
Photo Credit: NL
Name of Cat: ZouZouille

Title: Soldering at night, sleeping at day.
Photo Credit: Alex Boguslavsky
Name of Cat: Moora

Title: "Discrete Integration" or "Discrete Napping?"
Photo Credit: Sean Squire
Name of Cat: Smokey

Title: Cat watching me code
Photo Credit: Colin Bookman
Name of Cat: Mocha

Title: Sugar demonstrating good taste in keyboards
Photo Credit: Eric Raymond
Name of Cat: Sugar

Title: Toshi helps port mobile games
Photo Credit: Chris DeLeon
Name of Cat: Toshi

Title: Test Subject Tigger Reporting for Duty
Photo Credit: James Berghout
Name of Cat: Tigger

Title: This is MY iBook!
Photo Credit: Norman Jaffe
Name of Cat: Rusty

Title: everything in its place
Photo Credit: Dan
Name of Cat: Sami

Title: Vinny the cat checks out my #qrpme tinned tuna two power system #hamradio #catsofengineering
Photo Credit: Stormy Gleason AA1ES
Name of Cat: Vinny

Title: Annabelle surfs the web
Photo Credit: Lisa Hunter
Name of Cat: Annabelle

Title: Watchcat! Do not disturb...
Photo Credit: AmOS
Name of Cat: Grisette

Title: Oscar and Prusa Mendel
Photo Credit: Manu Mispel
Name of Cat: Oscar

Title: Really?
Photo Credit: Kate Lanyon
Name of Cat: Willow

Title: Support is currently not available
Photo Credit: Michael Andresen
Name of Cat: Mille

Title: Rascal estimates thermal output of high power LED light
Photo Credit: Oleg Mazurov
Name of Cat: Rascal

Title: I'll better take note of this
Photo Credit: Matias Soler
Name of Cat: Anastasia

Title: Pixel is a Mac fan
Photo Credit: John Biehler
Name of Cat: Pixel

Title: sudo cat
Photo Credit: Tino Göhlert
Name of Cat: Peppelz

Title: Cathode practicing her touch typing
Photo Credit: Kean Maizels
Name of Cat: Cathode

Title: It's seems far to comfy on *MY* desk again...
Photo Credit: Dan Braun
Name of Cat: Frankie

Title: What Mouse?
Photo Credit: Brian
Name of Cat: Freyja

Title: Oh... you want to print something?
Photo Credit: fyngyrz
Name of Cat: Gwai Loh

Title: Missy guards her Arduino fireflies prototype.
Photo Credit: Fran Blanche
Name of Cat: Missy

Title: Maow Keeping a check on my activities
Photo Credit: Ali Yousuf
Name of Cat: Maow

Title: Chairman Humph says, "Go away. I just did an all-night hack session."
Photo Credit: J.R. Stoner
Name of Cat: Humphrey Lyttleton Katz

Title: Sweetie Pie helps review an enclosure layout.
Photo Credit: Doug Johnson
Name of Cat: Sweetie Pie

Title: Luna learns to solder
Photo Credit: CopperPete
Name of Cat: Luna

Title: 1:42 and the kitteh is done
Photo Credit: In A Flash Laser
Name of Cat: Twix

Title: Buttons supervising the Atari Football restoration
Photo Credit: Joey Alvey
Name of Cat: Buttons

Title: Windy assists in the construction of a new PC
Photo Credit: Brian Naylor
Name of Cat: Windy

Photo Credit: Sarah Jean
Name of Cat: Ella

Title: Meatball checking for glitches
Photo Credit: Scott Gibson
Name of Cat: Meatball

Title: Nadrina Doing Final board Q/A
Photo Credit: Bob Coggeshall
Name of Cat: Nadrina

Title: Guarding the data stream
Photo Credit: Stephen Franklin
Name of Cat: Velcro and Capt. Hooks

Title: Bearnese and friends
Photo Credit: Stephen Franklin
Name of Cat: Bearnese

Title: Oreo testing the capabilities of Aibo
Photo Credit: Ian Schulz
Name of Cat: Oreo

Title: Norton is helfing
Photo Credit: Carrie Lang
Name of Cat: Norton

Title: Zalgo helping to debug circuit
Photo Credit: Miceuz
Name of Cat: Zalgo

Title: Leo and the Nixie Tube Clock
Photo Credit: Bob Coggeshall
Name of Cat: Leo

Title: Munki rides the once-mighty Tektronix 555
Photo Credit: reboots
Name of Cat: Munki

Title: RepRap Cat
Photo Credit: Pete Prodoehl
Name of Cat: Charlotte

Title: Audio Engineering is hard work!
Photo Credit: Jeff Duke
Name of Cat: Isaac

Title: Pixie helps hack my K1
Photo Credit: Stephanie Maks
Name of Cat: Pixie Willow

Title: Harley takeing a break from the computer
Photo Credit: Stevegingercat
Name of Cat: Harley

Title: Soldering controllers for flip-dot electromagnetic displays
Photo Credit: ExT
Name of Cat: Plesikas Hocenplocas

Title: Waiting for those HDDs to heat up
Photo Credit: Konstantin
Name of Cat: Kzina

Title: All your RF Serial belong to us
Photo Credit: Ken Rogers
Name of Cat: Domino

Title: Max, bushed on a lab stool after a long night of testing.
Photo Credit: Armand Duco
Name of Cat: Max Duco

Title: u codez l8r, i iz heatsinkin' now
Photo Credit: Kristoffer Smith
Name of Cat: TJ

Title: TJ and The Scream
Photo Credit: Mitch Altman
Name of Cat: TJ

Title: pHduino and Clovis: with a little help from my friend
Photo Credit: Carlos
Name of Cat: Clovis

Title: I can haz the reziztorz! Ze wirez too
Photo Credit: Fabien Royer
Name of Cat: Butch

Title: You can have it when I've finished running my thermal tests
Photo Credit: Rick Lesniak
Name of Cat: Wiley

Title: Always helping out at the computer
Photo Credit: Danny Yarbrough
Name of Cat: Shelby, Duke

Title: Never should have hired kittens to do our QC
Photo Credit: Matthew Beckler
Name of Cat: Olivia & Elliot

Title: Just too interesting to fall asleep
Photo Credit: Brian Fløe
Name of Cat: iKat

Title: Measuring purr frequency - he purrs A LOT when he eats!
Photo Credit: Sophi Kravitz
Name of Cat: Buessli

Title: This is what you have to do, see?
Photo Credit: Grace Carlyle
Name of Cat: Tiggy

Title: Engineering can be tiring...
Photo Credit: Guy Serbin
Name of Cat: Moshe

Title: Simon resents sharing his blankie with USB cables...
Photo Credit: John Jetmore
Name of Cat: Simon

Title: Sagan unboxing a ton of Seeeduinos, Protoboards, and Relays
Photo Credit: Noah Zerkin
Name of Cat: Sagan

Title: Mungo Jere on is perch at the lab bench Photo Credit: Robert Davidson
Name of Cat: Mungo Jere

Title: Tiger watching ask an engineer
Photo Credit: Nicholas Simpson
Name of Cat: Tiger

Title: Laser cat approves
Photo Credit: Josh Kopel
Name of Cat: Admiral Stubs

Title: Why is the evalbot comming towards me ?
Photo Credit: Addidis
Name of Cat: Yoda

Title: JellyBean with multimeter
Photo Credit: Windell Oskay
Name of Cat: JellyBean

Title: Rachael with Drink Making Unit 2.0
Photo Credit: Windell Oskay
Name of Cat: Rachael

Title: Noodles Naps while working on "Making Things Talk." He finds writing exhausting
Photo Credit: Tom Igoe
Name of Cat: Noodles

Title: Louise investigates ARMs
Photo Credit: Royce Pipkins
Name of Cat: Louise

Title: Ash models his homebrew GPS collar
Photo Credit: Ben Buxton
Name of Cat: Ash

Title: Rachael in the Toolbox
Photo Credit: Windell Oskay
Name of Cat: Rachael

Title: Simba got to my Makerbot before me
Photo Credit: Dustyn Roberts
Name of Cat: Simba

Title: Agent CAT 5
Photo Credit: Andy Panayotoff
Name of Cat: Simba

Title: JellyBean versus the Digi-Key packaging materials
Photo Credit: Windell Oskay
Name of Cat: JellyBean

Title: MOSFET on the pick-and-place
Photo Credit: Ladyada
Name of Cat: MOSFET

Title: Wilson napping on my electronics bench
Photo Credit: Jeff Keyzer
Name of Cat: Wilson

Title: Coco enjoys pair programming
Photo Credit: David Rea
Name of Cat: Coco

Title: Charlie Meets Mousey
Photo Credit: Nithin Shenoy
Name of Cat: Charlie

Title: Open Source Hardware Cat
Photo Credit: J. M. De Cristofaro (johngineer)
Name of Cat: Cody (Dakota)

Title: Zener on the 555 Footstool
Photo Credit: Windell Oskay
Name of Cat: Zener

Title: Beatrice takes a warm-faced nap among wires
Photo Credit: Becky Stern
Name of Cat: Beatrice

Title: Quigley helping photograph Keyglove parts
Photo Credit: Jeff Rowberg
Name of Cat: Quigley

Title: Wink checking out the PDP-11/70 panel
Photo Credit: J. Peterson
Name of Cat: Wink

Title: Malatesta, in bed with a mouse
Photo Credit: emoc
Name of Cat: Malatesta

Title: Mithril resting on the drum machine
Photo Credit: Kat
Name of Cat: Mithril

Title: Hey Dad! How is your SWR today?
Photo Credit: K4THE
Name of Cat: Kira

Title: Aimee designing new Beagle repellent
Photo Credit: Eric Wertz
Name of Cat: Aimee

Title: Jamie trying to catch up on his reading
Photo Credit: Eric Wertz
Name of Cat: Jaimee

Title: Franky guards Clyde the pick&place
Photo Credit: Jesse Lackey
Name of Cat: Franky

Title: Vintage granite-colored cat on a vintage granite-colored computer
Photo Credit: Phil Burgess
Name of Cat: Miss Toes

Title: RGB Prrrrrrfection
Photo Credit: Andy Panayotoff
Name of Cat: Simba

Title: Cassis loves Raspberry pi
Photo Credit: joëlle Besnier
Name of Cat: Cassis

Title: SatNOGS Radome testing
Photo Credit: Dimitris P

Title: Plug-in correctly? Ladyada may say it is good but I will be the judge of that!
Photo Credit: Jorge
Name of Cat: Billy

Title: Hey @adafruit - Great job on the Feather M0 WiFi tutorials. #CatApproved
Photo Credit: Bob Coggeshall
Name of Cat: Nadrina (Think Chicken Run 'Edwina')

Title: Kitty likez radioz
Photo Credit: NV1T
Name of Cat: Butterscotch

Title: Smith
Photo Credit: Keith Strydom
Name of Cat: Smith

Title: OverClocking My PC with a TeraCat Of Performance
Photo Credit: AngelDeath
Name of Cat: Gattuno

Title: Shi investigates a new box.
Photo Credit: Kevin Uhlir
Name of Cat: Shi

Title: Freyja helping me shoot photos of my first maker project.
Photo Credit: Luke Heredia
Name of Cat: Freyja Receiver of the Slain

Title: SketchShellShelfLife("roomates cat steals babbage bear")
Photo Credit: Joseph Hill
Name of Cat: Tigger

Title: My debugging buddy!
Photo Credit: Darlene Zouras
Name of Cat: Lil Peppercorn

Title: Gizmo critiquing my cooling loop and helping me plan my custom cabling layout.
Photo Credit: Bruce Shipman
Name of Cat: Gizmo

Title: She's curious about the tools under my workbench.
Photo Credit: Brendan Kelley
Name of Cat: Chewy

Title: Woke from a nap on a warm laptop!
Photo Credit: Nick Normal
Name of Cat: Conky

Title: Jayfet looks out the window
Photo Credit: Dean Segovis AKA Makerdino,
Name of Cat: JAYFET

Title: Debbie at the workbench
Photo Credit: Bob Evans
Name of Cat: Debbie

Title: Untying my messy jumpers
Photo Credit: Michelle Moreno
Name of Cat: Pepper

Title: R'Amen the rescue kitten stalking me
Photo Credit: devellison
Name of Cat: R'Amen

Title: Darth Kitty repairing Chromebooks
Photo Credit: Danielle Cowden
Name of Cat: Darth Kitty

Title: "Our shipment from Mouser has arrived..."
Photo Credit: Margaret Leber
Name of Cat: Nelirikk

Title: Alright, nothing here !
Photo Credit: Sébastien Mischler (skarab)
Name of Cat: TiChat

Title: Wumpus Hunter
Photo Credit: ChasM
Name of Cat: Carmel

Title: Some animals are scared of power tools, but she knows the drill.
Photo Credit: Aaron Osmer
Name of Cat: Joules

Title: The ginger Java programmer
Photo Credit: Martin Noble
Name of Cat: Jasper

Title: Purde overseeing her human
Photo Credit: Stephen Eaton
Name of Cat: Purde

Title: Kitty viewing platform in the electronics room
Photo Credit: Daniel Splawski

Names of Cats: Millie and Jamal

Title: The house detective catches me coming out of the Faraday Cave
Photo Credit: Joe

Name of Cat: Skamp

Title: Damaged instrument
Photo Credit: Jussi Kilpeläinen

Name of Cat: Unna

Title: The favorite game of Dora and Lotte
Photo Credit: Pieter

Name of Cat: Dora & Lotte

Title: Wiring Inspector
Photo Credit: Matt Arlauckas

Name of Cat: Aki

Title: Youssef and a lot of LEDs
Photo Credit: Jildert Viet
Name of Cat: Youssef

Title: drop table cats
Photo Credit: Robert J. Tomsons
Name of Cat: Diogenes

Title: Quality control on strike.
Photo Credit: Emmanuel Galvan Martinez
Name of Cat: Porfirio-Misifú

Title: Supervisory Kitty
Photo Credit: Ted Gill
Name of Cat: Yasmine

Title: Mr. Poose helps with troubleshooting
Photo Credit: Marc
Name of Cat: Ezra, AKA Mr. Poose

Title: Falling Asleep on the Job
Photo Credit: James
Name of Cat: Molly (aka Lil' Bit)

Title: Neptune likes helping glue Instructables together
Photo Credit: Mark
Name of Cat: Neptune

Title: Stella with her LEDs
Photo Credit: Sean
Name of Cat: Stella

Photo Credit: Max
Name of Cat: Clawdius

Title: Meet Daisy. A Salvador Dali inspired oriental shorthair complete with middle finger emoji forehead & undeniable Kylo Ren/Adam Driver similarities.
Photo Credit: Lamis
Name of Cat: Daisy

Title: Study buddy
Photo Credit: Nathan
Name of Cat: Beezy

Photo Credit: Dan
Name of Cat: Gryphon

Photo Credit: Alan Cudmore
Name of Cat: Chloe

Title: Circuit Kitty
Photo Credit: Ian Oberbeck
Name of Cat: Amber

Title: Lulu helps create a neopixel snowman
Photo Credit: Dave N
Name of Cat: Lulu

Title: This cat is a lover of all electronics and supervises all my projects!
Photo Credit: Glenn
Name of Cat: Thunder

Title: Kyōko reviewing an incoming shipment
Photo Credit: Brad Ackerman
Name of Cat: Kyōko

Title: Ash waits for a build to complete
Photo Credit: Stuart Rubin
Name of Cat: Ash

Title: Lucy Fur helping set up the test equipment
Photo Credit: Jimmy Futrelle
Name of Cat: Lucy Fur

If you want to add your "cat of engineering" visit the "submit a cat" page - CLICK HERE!