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A grid of freebies. An Adafruit Permaproto board. A stack of STEMMA QT sensor boards. A UPS truck representing free shipping. A Circuit Playground Express board.

We are offering a number of free products for orders!

If you do not want/are not able to receive free items in your order, please email [email protected] before, or immediately after placing your order and we will assist you.

About our freebies:

What am I getting?

For orders of $99 or more – a free Adafruit Perma-proto half-size breadboard

For orders of $149 or more – a free Adafruit STEMMA QT / Qwiic breakout board. The selection is random per order; we can't change which one you get! If you check out using a registered account on Adafruit, we will send you a different QT board each time you place an order of $149 or more unless you've already received each free one, then you'll get one you may already have.

For orders of $200 or more – free UPS ground shipping (*Continental USA only)


How many freebies can I get?
All of them! For instance, if you make one order of $149 or more in our store, you’ll get a Perma-proto half-size breadboard, a STEMMA QT / Qwiic breakout board, and UPS Ground shipping in the continental USA – all free!
Additionally, for every order you make that exceeds $99 over the course of the promotion, you will receive a freebie (e.g. make four separate orders of $99, receive four Perma-proto half-size breadboards).


Limited time only? Yes.

Any discount codes and special free offers are subject to terms. Reseller orders are excluded from this promotion. Orders placed via Purchase Order are excluded from this promotion. Free items are valid only while supplies last and can be turned off/changed at any time. Gift certificates, Adafruit io subscriptions, certain products, and Adabox subscriptions do not count towards the free tiers, or items.